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Are you in a caring profession and affected by vicarious trauma?
What does that mean and what's the big deal?

People in the helping profession support us in traumatic and challenging times.

Do you work in the helping profession? If you do...no matter how good you are at your job, responding, helping, and supporting as a career can take a toll on your wellbeing.

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 Do you feel...







If you answered yes to any of these...

It's time to take care of you

Are you ready to take on the day with energy and focus?


​Shift from pain and discomfort to ease and contentment.

​Discover how to turn stress and overwhelm to calm and clarity.


And the good news is...

You have everything within you to feel better and thrive at work and home. 


 My therapeutic yoga practice serves many professions including:

  firefighter, nurse, corrections, police officer, emergency dispatch, therapist, teachers, and advocates and many others who help people in crisis or provide longer term support in challenging times.

Learn more with a complimentary 60 minute Discovery Call.



I invite you to sign up for a Discovery Call.

After you complete a short in-take form, I will contact you to schedule a call. We will get to know each other a little bit more and decide if yoga therapy is a good fit for you.

What is yoga therapy?
Yoga therapy is a mind-body therapeutic approach to address physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. It combines the yoga practices of breath and movement, focus, and reflection to support healing and release trauma. There isn’t a set routine or “class” as I work with each person and their needs at the moment. As a yoga therapist, I don’t fix you. I facilitate the process and hold space for you to create your path to healing. You know you better than I ever will. You are the expert and I help you tap into your wisdom to be the driver of your healing process.

Is yoga therapy for me?
Yoga therapy is for you if you are….

  • feeling physical pain or discomfort

  • experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression

  • burdened with racing thoughts you wish you could turn off

  • feeling isolated and alone in your job or at home


There are many reasons someone chooses yoga therapy. Sometimes it’s just feeling stuck. The important part of this work is to let the story go, quiet the mind, and allow your body to process your experiences.

What is vicarious trauma?

Vicarious trauma is “indirect exposure to a traumatic event through firsthand account or narrative of that event.” While emergency responders, healthcare workers, and people in law enforcement are at the greatest risk of vicarious trauma, the condition can affect anyone who has a relationship with a survivor of trauma.

Signs you are living with trauma can include:

  • Preoccupation with the traumatic stories of the people you work with

  • Emotional symptoms of anger, grief, mood swings, anxiety, or depression

  • Physical issues related to stress, such as pain in the back and shoulders, headaches, stomachaches, fatigue, or problems sleeping

  • Feeling burned out, powerless, hopeless, disillusioned, irritable, and angry toward “the system”

  • A tendency to self-isolate, be tardy, avoid certain people, or experience a lack of empathy and loss of motivation


Who is Impacted

Some of the professionals likely to experience compassion fatigue include therapists, social workers, advocates, child welfare workers, emergency workers, police officers, firefighters, and ministers. But if you support or help others in anyway, you are susceptible to vicarious trauma. Helping professionals living with their own trauma may be more at risk for developing compassion fatigue.


Why yoga therapy works

Yoga therapy works with the body to slowly release stress and tension. Trauma resides in the body as a lived experience. Yoga therapy provides the support and space to process and release trauma. This works because we have learned that talking about a traumatic experience can re-traumatize a person. Yoga therapy focuses on the body, not the story, to allow the trauma to process and leave the body.

How does yoga therapy help with stress, anxiety, and depression?
Stress, anxiety, and depression take us out of the present. Depression is commonly connected to thoughts and feelings about the past, while stress and anxiety are thoughts and feelings about the future. Yoga therapy brings the client into the present, relieving these states. Yoga therapy provides the tools and practices to move the nervous system from activated to calm. In a yoga therapy session, a client can “drop-in” and identify the root cause of thoughts and feelings. Then they can begin the work of healing.

Does yoga therapy really help improve sleep?
Yes, yoga therapy does help to improve sleep. I help you develop a routine to prepare for bed and get a deeper, more restful sleep. Your personalized routine will relax your body and quiet your mind, the two ingredients for a restful sleep.

How do I get started with yoga therapy sessions?

There are two paths to receive my services:

1) 1-on-1 yoga therapy

You can schedule sessions with me directly.

  • Complete the Discovery Call form

  • I will contact you to schedule the call

  • We will meet over the phone or zoom for 60 minutes. I will get to know you a little better and assess if I can help you

  • Upon deciding to work together, we schedule in-person or online sessions

  • If I feel like I can’t help I will provide a few referrals you can follow up with


2) Institutions

If you manage staff and volunteers in helping professions you can work with me to develop programs to support your people.

  • Email or call me to let me know you are interested in talking at darciewarden@darciewarden.com or 406-595-0126

  • We will schedule a meeting online or in-person to get to know your programs and goals for your employees

  • I put together wellness program options to best suit your needs and staff. Options include on-site or online classes and sessions

  • When we work together we schedule a check-in to see if you and your staff are receiving the desired benefits  

How long will I need to work with a yoga therapist?
It depends. Some people work with me for several months and others are working with me for a year. Your personal goals and wellness journey are unique to you. We work together to determine what you want to work on in your yoga therapy session. It all depends on what you are receiving from the sessions. I'm honored to work with you for a couple of months or several years.