Simple yet rare

I’m having a hard day. Several consecutive days actually.

I feel the weight of my world on my shoulders.

How did it get there? When did this happen?

It had been building up but I kept telling myself I was fine.

Now it’s crushing.

How do I get out from underneath it?

I feel like I’m breaking. Is this what a break-down feels like?

I meet up with my good friend. Our scheduled walk with the dogs.

I tell myself I won’t burden her with my “problems” but quickly find myself sharing my frustrations.

She listens to me. She asks questions. She empathizes.

She doesn't try to solve my problems.

She just listens.

I feel seen.

I feel heard.

I don’t feel broken.

I don’t feel like I did anything wrong.

I feel normal.

What a gift to be seen.

What a gift to be heard.

Just as I am - nothing to change in the moment.

It all gets to be here without judgment.

Something inside me shifts.

I soften.

My tension lets go.

My shoulders drop.

I stop thinking about “all of my problems” and turn toward her.

I can hear her. I am curious about her.

We talk about her life - the exciting things coming up for her.

I am present with her just as she is for me.

What a gift to be seen and heard without fixing.

I am whole.

She is whole.

We are whole.

The power of presence.

It is healing.

It’s the greatest gift we can give each other.

So simple yet so rare.

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