What's Your Superpower?

I met a superhero last Sunday night...

I realized I was missing a box of tampons and found shredded pieces of the box and a couple of tampons in the backyard. My dog ate a box of tampons? I kept an eye on her and sure enough, she started showing signs of distress. Of course, this was on a Sunday night so I looked up the after-hours vet and brought her in.

As I waited in my car out front of the veterinarian’s office, I reflected on a story my business coach shared with me. It was about a sick dog and a scared owner. The local vet couldn’t figure out what was going on. A rare disease seemed to be the problem. There happened to be a vet who specialized in that exact illness but nobody knew because that office didn’t publicly advertise. In the end, the dog didn’t get the help she needed. Heart wrenching!

My coach asked me how I would feel if I found out too late about the vet who could’ve helped. I knew I would’ve been crushed and probably angry. Why not broadcast this important information? Why hold back? As I reflected on these questions, I realized I was holding back too.

I hesitate to share my skills and superpowers because I fear it would come across as bragging. But when I hold back, I lose the opportunity to connect with people who I can help and those who can help me.

We all have our gifts and superpowers to share with the world.

I’m going to share something with you… even though it feels a little scary (thank you Brené Brown).

I recently earned my 900hr Yoga Therapist Certification. This is a big accomplishment personally and professionally. I’m ready to share skills and knowledge with the world 😊

I’ve honed in and continue to strengthen my superpower as a yoga therapist.

My goal as a yoga therapist is to help reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Feeling stuck in life? I can help.

Unable to focus? I can help.

Anger easily? you guessed it; I can help.

I won’t go into detail about stress, trauma or the nervous system (give me a call and I’m happy to geek out on this subject), but I work to bring a little more ease into the body to provide relief from these symptoms. This can be life-changing work; it’s changed mine.

My dog? She is fine, that little rascal. The vet did an exam, took x-rays, and sent us home with medication. I am grateful for their service and availability in my community. I’m grateful I could find them.

The after-hours veterinarian was my superhero Sunday night.

What is your superpower? Respond to this email and share with me if you want to. I’d love to know!

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