Darcie Warden Yoga Therapist / Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Group Program
Program Agreement & Informed Consent

  The benefits, risks and possible effects of the Navigating Uncertainty Group Yoga Therapy Program have        been explained to me.
   1. I am also aware that the processes used in the program will include:
         * Skill training in relaxation and meditation methods.
         * Gentle Stretching (yoga) exercises.
         * Internal and external dialogue and integration processes to enhance awareness.
         * Speaking about your experiences in the context of the group.
   2.  I understand that if, for any reason, I am unable to or think it unwise to engage in these techniques or           exercises; I am under no obligation to continue. This includes either the practices at home or during the         weekly or half-day sessions.
   3.  I will not hold Darcie Warden or any of her representatives liable for any injury incurred from these                  exercises.
   4. If I have any previous injury or existing condition that may put me at risk, I have notified the Facilitator            and I will take the appropriate cautions or stop altogether.
   5.  I understand I am expected to and I commit to attending:
         *Each of the eight (8) weekly sessions.
         * One (1)half-day session.
         * Practice the home assignments during the duration of the program.
         * Complete the weekly homework when assigned.
   6.  I understand the importance of confidentiality. I commit to keeping the content and the conversation of          the program within the confines of the program and its participants. I will not gossip or share the                    personal content of the sessions within anyone other than the participants or the leader of the                        program.
   7. I also agree not to produce copies of the recorded sessions that I receive for my own use during and            after this program.


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